What are people saying about Speaker
Barbara Frankson

Ms. Frankson is brilliant, captivating, and engaging. Her powerful words have the ability to transform and awaken an audience, challenging them to hold a mirror up to themselves and the world they live in. Ms. Frankson in return invites the audience into her life. She shares various experiences that have impacted the women she has become today and by doing so inspires her listeners to propel their pain into passion, as she has. 

– Jami Bish

I have personally known Barbara since March 2017. As a pastor who has had the privilege of teaching and preaching in many different countries around the world, I have met many people. One of the saddest things to experience, is a person who does not have a vision for their lives, or personal goals they set out to achieve. One of the most dynamic aspects of Barbara is that she knows exactly what she is created to do and how to improve herself all the time in doing so. I have watched Barbara connect with the many people sitting in front of her as she speaks on many different topics. By taking pain, hardships and hurts in her life, she has used these to fuel her desire to connect with others and help them through similar circumstances. Drawing the best out of everyone she speaks to and making them truly believe that they are powerful and unique individuals who have something so amazing to offer the world around them, folks leave her talks encouraged and uplifted.

– Rifle Schutte

Barbara has a special talent, a gift from God of reaching her audience when she speaks. I have witnessed on multiple occasions how people are intrigued by her ability to reach people where they are.  I have seen Barbara captivate and engage a large audience in person, and also virtually. Barbara has a delicate way of addressing the uncomfortable things that we all as humans endure in our everyday situations. She creates an atmosphere of inclusion, and inspires us to think outside the box, and helps us to see the opportunities instead of obstacles. Each event I have attended Barbara has raised many hands and, consciousness to seeing new perspectives.

– Kimberly Ciprian

As a speaker, Ms. Frankson makes a personal connection with the audience. This personal connection helped me to have full confidence in her.  In her presentation, she emphasizes common values, goals, and experiences that exist between her and the audience members. She shares various personal experiences that have shaped the person she is today and that work as a catalyst to inspire the audience. I have watched her many times engaging audiences in small group seminars and in a big group in the church. She connects with many people as she speaks very eloquently empowering the audience.

– Humberto Correia

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